Welcome ... “The Cages” are Clayton and Sebastian, a dynamic duo from Santa Monica, in search of inspiration and music magic! Their brand of rock/ pop/ could best be described as “For Sure Not Boring”.

Formed in 2010, two like minded gypsies— aspire to make music that excites, invites, and  rock your socks off.

Born and raised in sunny Santa Monica, Sebastian developed a taste for great music. Clayton has a long history making music and record deals, as original founder of “The Cages”, signed to Capital Records in 1990, he produced and penned many critically acclaimed songs and toured the planet. Since becoming a father in 1993, Clayton has focused his efforts on raising a son and perfecting his producing and dancing skills.

The Cages embrace all styles of music into a sound that expands your awareness— great music touches us all deeply --we as humans are vibration holding form through consciousness. We will be embarking on a world tour in 2017, feel free to contact us!

With Much Gratitude, The Cages



Vocals, Guitar / Clayton Cages
Vocals, Guitar, Bass / Sebastian Cages
Lead Guitar / Jimmy Harris
Cello / Jo ankier